Johns/Meyer Duo - Honeysuckle Tea House, Chapel Hill, NC

Honeysuckle Tea House, Chapel Hill, NC

Situated on a beautiful farm just west of Chapel Hill, Honeysuckle Tea House is a unique community-centered venue.

Nelson and Eric will perform jazz standards and some Brazilian jazz.

The Honeysuckle Tea House rests upon 16 acres which includes the tea house itself, a natural play area for children, shipping containers to aid in cultivating medicinal and edible mushrooms, 2 acres of organically grown medicinal herbs, a small nursery for those who wish to start their own or expand their medicinal herb garden, and almost 8 acres of various fruit and tea plants for the enjoyment and nourishment of the community.

8871 Pickards Meadow Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Corner of Jo Mac and Pickards Meadow

See the Honeysuckle Tea House web site for more information.